JPW Instruments offer a complete range of musical instrument repair, reworking, and customisation services for Fipple based flutes including Low Whistles, Penny Whistles, Irish flutes and more. James Wilkinson has a vast array of skills including over 14 years of professional experience with refinishing a wide variety of materials and musical instrument repairs. All work carried out is satisfaction guaranteed executing the same degree of craftsmanship you will find in a hand-crafted JPW Instrument.  

 Please contact James Wilkinson direct using the contact us form to discuss your inquiry and to get a free no obligation quote. To help speed up the price quotation process please provide your Address (although not necessary at this stage) so the final price quotation can include return shipping of your item back to you. It is advised that all items sent to JPW Instruments is sent through tracked delivery because JPW Instruments cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of goods in transit to the workshop. 

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