Voicing & tweaking

Voicing often termed "tweaking" in the whistle community is a specialist art. Voicing instruments is a complex process and can have devastating effects on the overall tuning of an instrument if carried out incorrectly. It takes a great deal of experience to make small alterations to ensure the tuning is not compromised. JPW Instruments are manufacturers of Low whistle and penny whistles, so voicing is an integral part of the manufacturing process. Utilising modern analysis techniques and vintage tuning equipment James can ensure your instruments current tuning is not compromised by the voicing work carried out.

  James can respond to a variety of re-voicing requests such as removing "airiness", strengthening the lower octave and enabling the higher notes in the upper register to speak clearly with minimal breath. Re-voicing an instrument can also help to bring the volume differences between the octaves in line with one another. James also offers a retuning service without effecting the instruments voicing.

  Please make contact direct using the contact us form to discuss your inquiry and to get a free no obligation quote. To speed up the quotation process, please provide your country of residence so the final quotation can include return shipping. I advise that all items sent to JPW Instruments be sent via tracked/ insured delivery because JPW Instruments cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of goods in transit to the workshop.