Dulcet Range

  The Penny whistle Dulcet range feature 100% Aluminium construction. A 100% Aluminium construction results in a softer nuanced tone but still sonically pleasing. The Dulcet range takes advantage of the materials mellow tonal characteristic. In essence, the Dulcet range are scaled down versions of the JPW Low whistle TRAD range.

   The Dulcet performance attributes have been brought in line with modern customer expectations by building in a curved wind-way reducing blockage during performance. The Dulcet range feature the unrivalled tuning and intonation you can only expect to find in a JPW Instrument while offering the closest balance in volume between octaves.  

 The Dulcet range feature a high gloss clear lacquer to preserve the stunning mirror finish. This lacquer process brings additional benefits to the performance attributes by fully sealing the wind-way channel as well as making the instrument easy to clean and maintain.